• Manufacturing
  • For Tecnilatex, quality means more than simply complying with current international standards and laws. We have therefore developed our own Quality Management System that is applied in all areas of the organization based on the requirements established in standard EN 13485 on Medical Devices.


    The product undergoes continuous control in all production stages, from raw material to the finished product and including semi-finished products.  

    The Tecnilatex Quality Management System establishes internal requirements that are even stricter than official standards so we can offer our customers maximum quality.  

    This level of quality of each batch produced is verified and tested in accordance with the requirements of current standard EN ISO 4704. Only the batches that meet these requirements are put on the market.  

    The production equipment in each area has programmable logic controllers (PLCs) that manage process movements and gather the information required for process control. If an anomaly occurs, the alarm system ensures the process is blocked until it is operating properly.  

    Tecnilatex also applies lean manufacturing technology in its process as part of the continuous improvement programme. The aim of the internal Tecnilean programme is to handle specific projects that have a positive impact on quality and productivity.