• Manufacturing
  • Because of its mechanical properties, elasticity and tensile strength, latex is the main raw material used to make condoms.

    • What is latex?
      Latex is a dispersion in water of carbon-based substances that is obtained by tapping the bark of the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis).
    • How long has it been used?
      The Amazon Indians used latex to waterproof their clothing by drying and smoking the latex layer, which broke easily until Charles Goodyear developed the vulcanization process in 1840.
    • What does vulcanization consist of?
      Vulcanization (introducing sulphur to link the latex polymer chains + heat = stronger and more elastic latex) is a chemical reaction that made it possible for the automobile tyre and condom industries to develop.
    • What kind of latex does Tecnilatex use?
      Tecnilatex uses special-quality latex subject to strict quality controls that is double centrifuged to attain a high level of purity to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.