• About Us
  • Tecnilatex was founded in 1992 in Alcorcón (Madrid) as a production unit of the Artsana Group.

    The Artsana Group was created in 1946 in Como (Italy) as a completely family-owned business dedicated to the manufacture of products for health and wellbeing. The group has eight business units, 21 affiliates and over 100 distributors around the world. It employs 7400 people and markets more than 50,000 products with brand names such as Control, Chicco, Prenatal and Lycia.

    The Artsana philosophy is based on:

    • PRODUCT QUALITY: The company's internal laboratories work closely with leading research institutes, universities and medical centres.
    • INNOVATION: By firmly supporting the development of new ideas, the group generates more than 200 new projects each year as a testament to the importance placed on innovation by the Artsana Group.
    • LOGISTICS CHAIN: Developing and delivering quality products on time at competitive prices is key to successfully supplying the more than ten distribution channels where our products are marketed.

    By advocating this philosophy through a constant focus on product innovation and quality, customer satisfaction and respect for the environment, Tecnilatex has become a leading manufacturer in many countries.